Innenhof Kalkbreite

Shared Spaces

Conserving resources also means sharing. At the Kalkbreite estate this means: Rooms that are only used from time to time (e.g. guest rooms and office rooms) should not be included in the private rental space, but shared. For this reason, a large number of common rooms were created to serve different purposes. Individual space requirements have thus be minimized in favor of common areas.

General rooms

The use of common rooms is included in the rent and free of charge at any time (material costs reserved). Some of the general rooms are run by the cooperative (hall, laundry, Rüe Intérieure), while others are run by working groups of residents or commercial tenants (boxes, workshop, etc.). The cafeteria is also a common room. It is partly managed by the cooperative, but users are encouraged to do their best to maintain it.

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Rooms for rent

These rooms are also available to all tenants, but must be reserved and paid for. These rooms are managed by the cooperative (pension, flex, sauna, garden kitchen, bicycle parking, freezer, auto parking for people with disabilities). An exception is the Sounz music room, the use of which must also be paid for, but which is operated by a group of tenants, not by the cooperative.

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Exterior spaces

Like the general rooms in the building, the exterior rooms are also used jointly. Apart from a few small loggias at noise-exposed locations, there are no private outdoor spaces on the Kalkbreite property. The tenants, however, have at their disposal a 2,500 m2 large green courtyard above the tram hall and around 1,500 m2 of rooftop gardens. The outdoor spaces are located on different levels and have different functions and degrees of publicity depending on the location, but are free of charge for the general public. The purpose of the public spaces is evident in the public amenities and greenery.

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