Kinderkino Kalkbreite


The cooperative offers living space for families and also supports and promotes alternative family models. Not only are apartments for “conventional families” made available, but also larger and smaller apartments for patchwork families, single parents with children, large families or family-sharing flats. Where necessary, small structural changes can be made to respond to special needs.

Participation and co-determination of children and adolescents

Children and adolescents have equal status to adults at the Kalkbreite residence. They can contribute and have a say in participative processes. Children and teenagers are encouraged to make a contribution to the community by designing and implementing their own projects as well as applying for budgets (e.g. for painting courses, children’s flea market, new playground elements, etc.). They can also write down their concerns and suggestions and deposit them in a mailbox especially set up for this purpose in the hall. These are then put on the agenda of the local council. Since 2017, the young people of Kalkbreite have been running their own self-governing box.

Independent living for youths

In the Kalkbreite residence, young people are encouraged to live independently outside their family homes. The residential jokers can also be given to families who want to support their teenagers in taking the first step towards independence. In addition, there is a subsidized apartment at Kalkbreite for flat-sharing communities of adolescents between 16 to 25 year-olds. Mixed shared flats bringing young and older flat mates together are also promoted.