Wohn- und Gewerbebau Kalkbreite, Ansicht Badenerstrasse

About Kalkbreite Cooperative

The Kalkbreite Cooperative emerged from the Kalkbreite association and was founded in June 2007. In addition to committed residents and potential tenants, the two Cooperatives Dreieck and Karthago were also involved as founding members, with whom we still maintain close cooperation. The Kalkbreite Cooperative has a broad base, particularly in Zurich’s urban districts 3, 4 and 5, and currently has over 1,500 members (December 2017). As a cooperative that is ready to take up innovative ideas for urban life, it is part of the Platform of Cooperatives, which alos includes Kraftwerk1, the Wogeno Zürich or Genossenschaft mehr als wohnen. Additionally we are as well members of Regionalverband Zürch der Wohnbaugenossenschaften Schweiz as well as Verein Noigass.

The cooperative currently has the Kalkbreite residential and commercial building with 97 residential units and a variety of commercial operations as well as a small guesthouse (10 rooms) and a room rental (flex meeting rooms) that was occupied in the summer of 2014. The second project, the Zollhaus with 56 residential units and many other commercial areas, is under construction and will be ready for occupancy in 2020.

Become a member

Any natural or legal person who is able to act can apply for membership. Members are accepted by the board of directors.

Further information

Guided tours

Please note our special regulations for private group tours.

Statutes and regulations

Here you find the statutes and regulations. The annual reports can be downloaded in the media section.