Innenhof Wohn- und Gewerbebau Kalkbreite

Exterior spaces

Like the general rooms in the building, exterior spaces are also used jointly. Apart from a few small loggias at noise-exposed locations, there are no private outdoor spaces on the Kalkbreite premises. However, the tenants have a 2,500 m2 large green courtyard above the tram hall as well as a1,500 m2 terrace and rooftop gardens at their disposal. The outdoor spaces are on different levels and have different functions and degrees of public access depending on the location.

Street level

Rosengartenplatz mit Gastronutzung.

The exterior spaces at street level are mostly owned by the city and are maintained by Grün Stadt Zürich. However, some of areas belong to the property and are used by the cooperative or the ground floor tenants. The”Kalkbreite-Boulevard” along Badenerstrasse lined with six avenue trees, the Rosengartenplatz adorned with a fountain and Urselweg with its climbing vines along the tram depot invite you to stroll at a leisurely pace.

The courtyard

Kalkbreite Innenhof

The open staircase rising from Rosengartenplatz and the courtyard on the roof of the tram depot nine meter above street level are open to the public during the day. The courtyard is planted with trees, shrubs and various other plants and is equipped with long benches. A children’s playground, a fountain and sandpit at the back of the courtyard are also open to the public. However, it is also used by the rented daycare center.


Kalkbreite Schöpfe im Aussenraum

On the southwestern side of the courtyard are four “Schöpfe” or creative rooms and a covered area under the spiral staircase. These simple rooms can be used by the residents. They are 10 to 25 m2 in size, have windows to the south, with walls on each side and simple lattice doors to the courtyard. They cannot be heated. Some rooms have water connections and drains.

Status of use since April 2017:

  • Turntable, storage room
  • Orangeria, dairy depot, vegetable garden, dining room, ping pong tables
  • Children’s room with safety mats
  • Garage with toys for children

Children’s playground

Kinderspielplatz Kalkbreite Innenhof

The children’s playground has a small but fine selection of playground equipment. The playground is located in the southwest corner of the courtyard and is not separated from the rest of the courtyard by special measures. It serves all ages – from toddlers to adolescents – and offers space for movement and development. The main elements of the playground are a sandpit, water fountains, a swing and a slide. Part of the area is deliberately kept free to leave room for movement and temporary projects.

“Bei den Blumen”

Terasse bei den Blumen

The semi-public terrace lies above the “Schöpfe” on the south side of the courtyard and is accessible from a wide straight and narrow spiral staircase. It is the only place on the premises that cannot be reached without steps. “By the flowers” overlooks the quarter with a splendid view of Üetliberg. The area is extensively covered with flowers.

“Beim Gemüse”

Terasse "beim Gemüse" Kalkbreite

This rooftop garden is managed by the residents of the AG Garten. They are responsible for the use, care and maintenance of the space. The community garden is open to all residents of the Kalkbreite Cooperative for visits. Residents can join the AG Garten each autumn for the following year. In autumn and winter the next season is planned and prepared. In spring and summer comes the labor-intensive gardening. A harvest festival rounds off each gardening year.

“Bei den Gräsern”

Terasse "bei den Gräsern"

The two-part rooftop garden “Bei den Gräsern” and “Bei den Rosen” has an intimate character. Care is provided by external persons or residents in consultation with those responsible for outdoor areas. Situated on the corner and in the immediate vicinity of the sauna, “Bei den Gräsern” is the right place to lie in a lounge chair and relax.

Terasse "bei den Rosen"

“Bei den Rosen”

Slightly elevated and only to be found by those familiar with the place, is the green space, “By the Roses”, where one’s senses are enthralled in the fragrant month of June. The speac also serves as a green oasis of peace for the rest of the year. Part of the Rue Intérieure that leads here is in the large household and runs through the apartment of a flat-sharing community.

“Bei den Kräutern”

Terrasse zu den Kräutern im 5. OG

The western rooftop garden “By the herbs”, situated in the evening sun, is a place of variety and individuality: here, any herb pots may be set up, the care of which is ensured. There are no specifications for the use and design of the space and the users determine the furnishings together. This is why this rooftop garden is constantly changing. There is also an electric grill here that can be used by all residents. Directly adjacent to “By the herbs” is a garden kitchen.

“Bei den Bienen”

Terasse "bei den Bienen" Kalkbreite

The highest rooftop garden “By the bees” is equipped with washing lines for the residents in the walking area. The inaccessible part is equipped with solar panels and is used for energy production. Under and next to the solar panels, microorganisms and plants that tolerate drought find livelihood in the “ecological compensation areas”. Two beehives complete this rooftop space. Kalkbreite honey can be purchased from AG Bienen.