Kalkbreite Grosshaushalt

Large Household Association

The Large Household is an association of apartments that offer an infrastructure for communal evening meals. At the heart of the building is a professional kitchen with paid chefs and equipped with a dining and recreation room. This space serves all connected apartments as an additional large living room and meeting point. From Monday to Friday in the evening a meal is offered to everyone at a moderate price. The residents themselves decide whether they want to join the communal meal (by appointment) or plan their meal individually. The large household includes all apartments adjacent to the turquoise staircase (20 apartments), other residents of the house and some external members of the cooperative. The Large Household accounts for around one fifth of all Kalkbreite residents. Tenants of the Large Households have a say in choosing new renters.


The residents of the Large Household manage themselves as an independent association. They regulate the organization of the shared rooms and are responsible for all matters relating to the common kitchen. The financing takes place via the connecting apartments. Operating costs consist of the rent for the kitchen and dining room, the furnishings, the wages of the kitchen staff, the ancillary costs, the administrative costs, a deposit for maintenance and replacement of equipment and for contingencies. The operating costs per apartment are calculated according to the number of bedrooms (example: for a 3.5-room apartment, two portions of the operating costs are incurred). For a room occupied by one or more children, half the operating costs are incurred. The difference in costs is distributed among all members of the large household. Operating costs are equally split in rooms occupied by two people. With this model, living with children in the large household is subsidized internally to promote denser living. A full share of operating costs amounts to CHF 120 per month (as of 2020). For each evening meal, CHF 9 must be paid in addition. Children up to 12 years of age can eat free of charge and adolescents up to the end of their educational training at half price.

Organic, regional and seasonal ingredients are used for cooking as much as possible. The kitchen can be utilized by third parties for a fee in consultation with the members of the Large Household Association. The dining room – the living room of the large household – is reserved for residents and their guests.

Contact the Large Household Association: grosshaushalt@kalkbreite.net


Meals for guests

Flex Room guests and guesthouse tenants can have meals at the large household kitchen upon reservation. Reserve in advance at the Desk: flex@kalkbreite.net or pension@kalkbreite.net.