Cafeteria Wohn- und Gewerbebau Kalkbreite

General Rooms

Some central common rooms do not have to be rented, but are freely accessible at all times and free of charge for all tenants. The rents of these rooms are included in the apartment or  commercial rents.


Wohn- und Gewerbebau Kalkbreite, Cafeteria

The central cafeteria is both a break room and a parlor. There is a simple kitchen for self cooking, a coffee machine, 60 to 70 seats at tables (max. 120 with theater seating) and some comfortable armchairs and sofas. The furniture is currently provided and maintained by Möbel Zürich, the second-hand furniture shop on the corner of Kalkbreitestrasse and Urselweg. Use of the cafeteria and the associated WCs/showers/cloakrooms is free of charge for all residents as well as for those working in the building. The space and equipment are maintained by the cooperative, which also organizes the drinks, takes care of the coffee machine and other equipment. The coffee is paid for with a rechargeable Bicont card, for the other beverages available there is a till. Users are encouraged to keep the space clean and orderly. Dates for larger events can be entered on the large, analogue bulletin board, but the sole use of the cafeteria cannot be claimed.

The Hall

Eingangshalle Kalkbreite

The hall is the central entrance area with a reception for the guestrooms and flex rooms, mailboxes for all apartments, entrance to the cafeteria, library and Laundromat. The hall is open to everyone at all times.

Rue Intérieure


The internal street leads through the whole building and connects the different staircases on a horizontal level. It is a meeting, exchange and residence point and thus the main artery of life in the house. Starting in the hall with the desk, it leads past the cafeteria, the mailboxes, the Laundromat and the library up to the community bulletin board, on to the community offices, the boxes. Then it winds its way over the residential floors past all the stairwells up to the various roof gardens, the sauna and the garden kitchen. In an emergency, the Rue Intérieure serves as an escape route. For this reason, fire police regulations apply, which residents must take into account when equipping their homes.



The laundry room on the Kalkbreite premises has a view and is well light by daylight. Eight washing machines and four dryers, a washing trough as well as storage space and work surfaces and individual lockers for personal items are available to users. Laundry can also be hung in the 7th floor on the highest roof area «Bei den Bienen» as well as in four drying rooms with Secomats in the basement. The Laundromat is available around the clock, but cannot be reserved. The washing costs are paid via a rechargeable Bicont card. In addition to the central Laundromat, and in order to cover the demand, there are also small laundry rooms in the basement in three stairwells, each with two washing machines, a tumble dryer and two drying rooms with Secomats.



The Bronx is a multifunctional room in the south basement, approx. 60 m2 large. The Bronx is unheated, basic and unfurnished. There is ventilation, but no water connection and no toilets. It is at the free disposal of all tenants. The municipal council decide how the Bronx is used.


The workstation occupies part of the Bronx. It is unheated and in principle always open to all tenants. It is operated by AG Werkstatt. Here you will find a workbench, a planning bench, simple tools such as screwdrivers, hammers and wrenches, assorted screws, nails, etc. as well as a wood and metal store. The workstation operates on a donation basis (Till).

The other half of the Bronx Room is currently unused and open to ideas from volunteers.

Boxes 1 to 4


The tenant interior community at the Kalkbreite has four different rooms open for tenant use. They are all located on Rue Intérieure and have large windows:

  • 1 – 3rd floor, 15 m2 Box
  • 2 – 4th floor, 23 m2 Box
  • 3 – 4th floor, 21 m2 Box
  • 4 – 5th floor, 20 m2 Box

The boxes are open to the needs of the community. Their usage is available to all residents, and their costs are already included in all apartment rents. Use of the boxes is decided by the municipal council.

overview information Boxes (german only)

Usage as of July 2018:

  • Sewing studio in Box 1
  • Yoga / Meditation in Box 2
  • Fitness in Box 3
  • Youth box in Box 4