Flex-Meetingraum Kalkbreite

Living & Working

For sustainable mobility, strengthening the community and sometimes also for personal reasons, it makes sense for people living at Kalkbreite to work in-house. The cooperative provides various rooms for this purpose:

  • Studio apartments on the 2nd floor: The four apartments south of the large household dining room are residential studios, i.e. people live and work here.
  • 12 of the 32 cluster apartments and 1.5 room apartments are over 44 m2 in size. Depending on the type of apartment and the type of activity, these can also be used as studio apartments. The residents are free to make use of these spaces.
  • Commercial premises: Some office/studio rooms on the commercial floors are reserved for residents and are rented out in combination with the apartments.
  • At Kalkbreite there are two communal offices available in which residents or businesses can rent work spaces. A detailed description of the offers can be found in the Living & Working Guide (german only).