Innenhof Kalkbreite im Herbst

Guided tours

Due to the current developments according the corona virus, no guided tours are currently taking place.

After the summer holidays (from August 17, 2020) group tours up to a maximum of 10 people will be carried out again. The costs and group sizes were adjusted due to the measures related to the corona virus.

Individual group tours are realized exclusively for institutions, cooperatives, cities/ municipalities with a specific socio-political or urban interest. These tours take place from monday to friday between 9 am and 5 pm, costing CHF 200 (up to 10 persons) or CHF 300 (up to 20 persons in two groups) and lasting 1.5 hours each. There are no private apartments to visit.

Public tours will not take place until further notice.

Architectural tours can be booked directly from Müller Sigrist Architects.

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Modell Kalkbreite