Wohn- und Gewerbebau Kalkbreite, Veloparkierung im Erdgeschoss

Rooms for rent

Existing tenants in residential and commercial buildings at Kalkbreite can rent various rooms and things in them either permanently or temporarily as part of their tenancy. These rooms are managed by the cooperative. An exception is the music room Soundz, whose use must be paid as a short rent, but which is operated by a group of tenants organized as an association.

Kalkbreite guestrooms and Flex meeting rooms

Another special case is the Kalkbreite Guesthouse, which are not only available to external visitors but also serve as guestrooms for residents and are available to all members of the cooperative at favorable conditions.

Further information

Cycle rooms


At three locations in the building there are parking structures for bicycles (mostly double parkers) as well as parking spaces for strollers, special bicycles and trailers:

  • Room 1 (at the entrance to the tram hall, Badenerstrasse), ground floor: 198 parking spaces in double parkers for residents and commercial employees. Closed complex, only accessible with house key.
  • Room 2 (under the large staircase at Rosengartenplatz), ground floor: 58 parking spaces, some with double parking, 43 for tenants, 15 free parking spaces for visitors. Open during the day from 8:00 – 20:00, at other times only accessible with house keys.
  • Room 3 (Kalkbreitestrasse 10), basement:

40 parking spaces in double parkers for residents and employees. Accessible only with house key.

Standorte Veloräume Kalkbreite im Erdgeschoss.

In Room 1, at the entrance to the bicycle hall, all users have access to a bicycle workstation with a workbench, bicycle stand, drawer units, compressor, tools and water facet. The bicycle workshop is run by the residents.


  • lower row: CHF 10.-/per month
  • upper row: CHF 7.-/per month

The bicycle parking spaces are rented out via the office, the fee is factored into the apartment or commercial rent. Spaces for strollers, special bicycles and trailers are rent-free.

Car parking spaces


The Kalkbreite premises is car-free. In the area near the entrance of the bike room on Badenerstrasse there are, however, two car parking spaces for people with special needs. For commercial and residential tenants who are dependent on a car for operational or other reasons, ten parking spaces are also available for rent at the Lochergut underground car park. They are within 5 minutes walking distance.

Guests of the pension and the Flex rooms can reserve one of the parking spots in Lochergut at the reception. Access is via a code, which must be requested at the desk.

Directions to parking spaces Lochergut (german only)

Terrace kitchen


The terrace kitchen is a communal eat-in kitchen on the west 5th floor, with direct access to “Bei den Kräutern”, the outdoor area. It makes an additional contribution to the reduction of individual space and is suitable for inviting guests when there is too little space in your own home. The terrace kitchen is equipped with all kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery (also for children) as well as a table with 10 chairs, garden furniture and a grill. A restroom is also available.

The terrace kitchen has been under the self-administration of the residents since 2018. From Monday to Friday the terrace kitchen is also open to the business tenants of Kalkbreite; at the weekend the terrace kitchen is reserved for residents.

The use of the terrace kitchen is paid with a flat rate of CHF 20. A reservation can be made on the calendar in the terrace kitchen.

Users of the terrace kitchen are encouraged to take the neighbours into consideration and to clean the kitchen themselves after use.

Further information can be found in the terms of use:

Garden kitchen_terms of use (german only, Stand Okt 2018)

Terrace “Zu den Kräutern” (with direct connection to the garden kitchen)



The in-house sauna is located on the south 5th floor, with direct access to a protected area in the outdoor area “Bei den Gräsern”. It is equipped with a changing room, shower and toilets, a cold-water barrel and a lounge area. Use of the sauna is open to residents and commercial tenants.

Sauna instructions (since 2020)

Terrace “zu den Gräsern” (with direct connection to the sauna)

Shared office


Two rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors with 15 workstations are available to Kalkbreite tenants as a communal co-working space. This alleviates sporadic home office needs, which in turn contributes to space efficiency.

In the “Siedler” office on the 3rd floor there are 9 workstations. Users are responsible for bringing their own work materials and keeping the workstation clean.

Rent: CHF 140/month/place incl. additional costs.

Download information on the Siedler office (german only)

In the “Nomad” office on the 2nd floor there are 6 tables with enough space for 12 nomads. Users are responsible for bringing their own work materials and keeping the workstation clean. Workspaces are not permanently allocated.

Rent: CHF 90/month/place incl. additional costs.

Download information on the Nomad office (german only)

Both rooms have WLAN, printer/copier and lockers.

Residential and Working Joker


Residential jokers are separate rooms that can be rented in addition to an apartment.

Further information

Similar to Residential Jokers, the Work Joker is a room that can be temporarily rented by commercial tenants in the event of a temporary special needs.

Further information (at the bottom)



Soundz is a music practice room for Kalkbreite tenants as well as for all members of the cooperative. The music room is run by the Soundz Association.

Terms of use Soundz (german only)

Contact: Frederike Bertschi: info@soundz.kalkbreite.net



The Freeze is a room cooled to minus 20° in the basement of Badenerstrasse. It has smaller and larger compartments for the individual storage of frozen products and can be booked by residents and commercial tenants. The Freeze acts as a replacement for the freezers that do not exist in the apartments. With the waste heat from the Freeze a considerable part of the hot water for the apartments is produced.


  • Small compartment (W/D/H 40/60/30 cm): CHF 4.-/Month
  • Large compartment (W/D/H 80/60/60 cm): 8.-/Month.

Rentals can be organized at the office and added to the monthly flat and/or commercial rent.