Innenhof Kalkbreite

Organization of the cooperative

Our cooperative members determine our path. There are various participatory events  throughout the year and we hold the annual general assembly for our members in early summer. Every natural and legal person is free to apply for membership (Become a member). The membership is independent of whether you live in an apartment of the Cooperative or not. The apartments of the Kalkbreite Cooperative are rented exclusively to members (as of October 31, 2018, over 1900 members). The basic principles of the cooperative are laid down in the various documents and regulations.


General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the cooperative. It is open to all members and is convened at least once a year by the Executive Board. It elects the committees, relieves the Executive Board, approves the annual report, decides on new investments and projects and approves changes to the statutes.

Executive Board

The Executive Board manages the cooperative and defines its strategic orientation. It deals with strategic issues such as the financing of construction projects and external networking. The board keeps a watchful eye on all current business transactions that are implemented at the operational level.

Job profile

Other job profiles of the Executive Board


The following standing commissions are currently active:

For the whole cooperative

  • An ombuds office that deals with internal conflicts.
    • Job profile
    • Members
      • Esther Haas
      • Reto Meister
      • Jonas Nakonz
  • A Solidarity Fund Commission, which decides on the allocation of the money of the fund.
  • A Repair-Commission for non-trivial building projects in the existing building
  • Profile of the Repair-Commission
  • A rental commission, which takes care of tendering and allocation of the apartments
    • Job profile
    • Members
      • Felix Wernli
      • Loren Schaad
      • Matyas Sagi-Kiss
      • Ueli Herzog
      • Urs Bachmann
      • Rolf Jucker
      • Evelyne Mäder

Kalkbreite residential and commercial building

Project Zollhaus

  • A building commission (Bauko), which decides on issues relating to the construction project.
  • Different working groups on certain forms of renting (such as, hall apartments, community housing for the elderly, mixed living for the elderly, etc.)
  • An initial letting commission for the apartments around Zollhaus is being planned

Head Office

The head office of the Kalkbreite Cooperative is your first port of call for all enquiries. It is located in the Rosengarten at Kalkbreitestrasse 2 (the small, historical building directly in front of the Kalkbreite residential and commercial building). It is responsible for the operative interests of the cooperative and the link to the Executive Board.

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