Cluster apartments

Cluster living is an important part of the overall Kalkbreite concept. It offers residents the possibility to live together and still be able to retire to an individual private room. Each small apartment with bath and kitchen is bigger and more spacious than a pure apartment room and offers sufficient possibilities to retreat. The kitchen-living room shared with nine other small flats is part of a concept that supports community life.  The apartments are tailored to the needs of one person, thanks to their compact dimensions (26-45 m2). The clusters offer independent living up to old age. This form of housing is less suitable for children, as families cannot occupy several housing units. The aim is to achieve a good mix of residents with a variety of interests, ages, activities and more, as well as a balanced number of men and women. Some of the cluster apartments are integrated into the large houshold structure. Like the other clusters, it has a common room, but without a kitchen. Meals choices offered by the large household are served for eating together. The cluster apartments share an electricity meter and a fiber-optic connection. Residents must agree on the same provider and cost distribution. As connection fees are minimized through sharing, overall costs are significantly lower than those for individual connections.