Kalkbreite, Ansicht Wohnung

Apartments for rent

The cooperative currently has a total of 97 apartments on the Kalkbreite property. When renting out the apartments, we give special attention to creating a balanced mix of residents, as per the relevant requirements stated in the rental regulations (german only). The apartments are rented by a letting committee made up of residents, office members and external persons. The committee makes the final decision as to whom the vacant apartments will be allocated, taking into account the tenants directly adjacent to the vacant apartment, the guidelines set out in the rental regulations and the goal of creating an appropriate mix of residents.

Download Rental Regulations (german only)

The rent is calculated depending on the location and the individual standard of the building; the fund share amounts to CHF 260 per m2.

Further information

We advertise vacant apartments via email among the members of the cooperative, as well as available rooms in shared-flats, subletting and temporary rental options. Non-cooperative members may also apply for shared rooms and sublets. However, you must become a member within one year of moving in.

Become a member

Apartment overview at Kalkbreite:

  • 30 x 1-1.5 room flats 29-56 m2 in three cluster apartments
  • 2 x 1-1.5 room apartments 38-45 m2
  • 14 x 2.5-3 room apartments 50-75 m2
  • 4 x 2.5 room studio apartments 64-103 m2
  • 13 x 4.5 room apartments 95–133 m2
  • 8 x 5.5 room apartments 123-127 m2
  • 6 x 6.5 room apartments 142-152 m2
  • 2 x 7.5-9.5 room apartments 142-215 m2
  • 3 x 13-17 room apartments 222-412 m2
  • 9 residential jokers 27-29 m2

In the section “Habitation” you will find more information about the different types of apartments at Kalkbreite.

Rent commercial space

The commercial and cultural space Kalkbreite is currently distributed as follows:
  • Retail: 726.1 m2
  • Gastronomy: 619.3 m2
  • Health: 757.8 m2
  • Offices: 1’555.5 m2
  • Culture: 654 m2
  • Childcare: 314.6 m2
  • Guesthouse: 285 m2

Vacant commercial space is advertised here (only available in German). Further information on business and culture at Kalkbreite you can find here.

Spaces that become available will be rented out by the office. Letting does not follow any predetermined rules. However, a mix of usage must be ensured in the long-term and the areas of use must be taken into account. Especially on the ground floor, low-threshold and neighborhood-related offers are preferred. Moderate rent splitting and the possibility of turnover-based rents allow for reduced rental rates in some locations, which promotes the desired diversity and facilitate occupancy by non-profit organizations or tenants worthy of support.

Rent additional space

Rooms to rent in flats or commercial spaces are at the tenants’ disposal. All details can be found in the “shared spaces” section.

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