Pension Kalkbreite, Aussicht aus Zimmer


Capital stock

The share capital of the cooperative members is the basis of the cooperative. Any natural or legal person may become a member upon application to the Executive Board. You too can become a member  of our cooperative and subscribe to share capital (a share certificate amounts to 1000 Swiss francs, entry fee 200 siwss francs). The share capital does not bear interest, but you have the following advantages:

  • Co-determination on the fate of the cooperative at the general assembly and in various participation vessels
  • Up-to-date information on events and news from the cooperative via E-Mail-Newsletter
  • Information about the participation processes and the initial letting in the Project Zollhaus (only possible if the membership was dissolved by 20.6.2018)
  • 10 percent discount when booking guesthouse rooms and flex meeting rooms
  • Information about available apartments and shared rooms (we communicate exclusively via  e-mail newsletter, we do not have a waiting list)

Become a member 

Savings bank

Based on Article 39 of the statutes, the Kalkbreite Cooperative has a savings bank. The deposits of the savings bank contribute to the financing of the Kalkbreite residential and commercial building, the Zollhaus and any other projects. With the option of deposit payments, the members and persons and organizations close to the cooperative should also be offered an opportunity to invest money safely and at an interest.


Open account
Deposits may be accepted by members and persons and organizations related to the cooperative. The minimum deposit amount is 5000 Swiss francs. The account is opened after receipt of the first amount. This is in the name of the beneficiary(s). Please note the provisions in Savings bank regulations (Geman only). If you comply with the regulations and wish to open an account, please fill in the Application form and send it to the following address: Kalkbreite Cooperative, Kalkbreitestrasse 2, 8003 Zurich.

Regulations of savings bank
Application form for a deposit in the savings bank


Contact us if you would like to learn more about our loan terms and conditions (Regula Willi, Email, Tel. 043 317 17 22).


Would you like to support the Kalkbreite Cooperative with a legacy? Please contact the head office (Regula Willi, Email, Tel. 043 317 17 22).