Treppenhaus Kalkbreite

Residential joker


A residential joker is a separate room that can be rented in addition to an apartment. The nine residential jokers at Kalkbreite are located at the Badenerstrasse part of the house on the third to the sixth floor accessible from the stairwells. They have built-in bathrooms with shower/WC, but no kitchen. At 27 to 29 m2, the rooms are comparatively large. The residential jokers give residence spatial flexibility, allowing them more space on a temporary basis. The residential jokers are always assigned to a “main flat”, where the residents also eat. The residential jokers are rented out for a limited period; the period depends on individual needs and can last anywhere between 6 months and four years, depending on the situation. Families or flat-sharing communities in which the departure of a member – e.g. young adults – is foreseeable, can apply for a joker when they move in. The residential jokers are granted by the rental committee. If individual jokers are not used in-house, they can also be rented out to third parties on a temporary contract basis. Instead of the usual mandatory share capital, the joker tenants must pay a deposit.