Senior Citizens

Kalkbreite offers residents the opportunity to live independently in their golden years and at the same time stay in contact with other people. The cluster apartments are ideal for this. In addition, a wide range of services are available:

  • A shop for staple foods, restaurants, a cinema, a general practitioner and other services within a stone’s throw, which make everyday life convenient for the elderly.
  • The common entrance area and the Rue Intérieure facilitate coming into contact with neighbors. Thanks to good networking, supporting flat mates in need of help is a matter of course.
  • The exterior spaces are open to all residents. Here one meets, but here one also finds peace and relaxation or a place to attend to one’s plants.
  • The daily professionally cooked dinner offered in the large household is also available to other residents of the house.
  • The desk in the hall is manned from Monday to Saturday. It acts as the reception for the boarding house and the flex rooms, but is also open to residents for questions.