Kalkbreite Wohnung K2.3.4.



The Kalkbreite residence offers a wide range of spaces for living, working and culture. The property has 82 apartments of various types for up to 250 residents. In addition to apartments for families and smaller flat-sharing communities, Kalkbreite also offers space for other, alternative forms of living, e.g. shared flats with 17.5 rooms and one-person flats grouped into clusters. There is also a large household, in which around 50 residents share a common infrastructure. In the event of life changes, it is possible for residents to switch apartments within the cooperative, which in turn prevents under-occupancy. The requirements for internal apartment change are regulated in the letting regulations (german only). So-called residential jokers are also available to cover an increasing demand for space. In addition, there are many possibilities to use or rent additional rooms (further information). The Kalkbreite Cooperative pays particular attention to providing good living conditions to senior citizens and for living and working.

Apartment overview and rental information