Model Kalkbreite

Kalkbreite Manual – an example of participation

The operating instructions for Kalkbreite and for the common areas as well as the organizational form of living together were drawn up in a large-scale participation process, which lasted around one year. The main question was: How should Kalkbreite be revived and used? A total of nine groups of interested cooperative members, led by the Utilization Commission and coordinated by the Utilization & Operation Project Management, drew up the following chapters of the operating manual in the course of 2011:

a) Participation, structures
b) Social mixing
c) Large household
d) Cluster / Generational living
e) Living with children
f) Outdoor space
g) Hub (central services, management)
h) Sustainable living
i) Trade

The result, the “Kalkbreite Manual” was available online on the web from 2012 to 2018. By replacing the old website, most of the content was integrated into the “Kalkbreite” section. However, the “Manual” drawn up at that time can still be consulted, but their contents are no longer maintained.

Go to Kalkbreite Manual (As of Summer 2018, no longer maintained)

An operating manual for the Zollhaus will be also developed.