The Kalkbreite cooperative shall be developed by the participation of the members because aggregated opinions and solution-oriented ideas of many leads to better results. For this reason, our members and other interested parties are invited to participate in the  projects and share thoughts. In this way, different proposals and ideas flow in and the various large and small projects are exposed to the critical gaze of potential users. The participation processes are also an investment in the future. They promote identification with the projects and broaden perspectives and commitment. Depending on the project, the forms of participation vary: working groups, workshops, panel discussions, plenary sessions and others.

Participation within the framework of “Zukunft Zollstrasse”

Participation using the example of Zollhaus

Participation in the Zollgarten

Participation in the sale of building land or real estate to the cooperative

Contribution via savings bank

Participation in the example of the “manual” for Kalkbreite