Eingangshalle Kalkbreite


The reception desk is the backbone of the Kalkbreite residential and commercial building. It functions as a reception for guesthouse renters and tenants of the Flex rooms, and is at the disposal of the residents and commercial renters during opening hours. In addition, the reception desk performs tasks in cooperation with the operations team that distinguish the Kalkbreite residential and commercial building from other residences:

  • Information and advice for tenants, in particular on mobility, building use and resource consumption
  • Community work and community council support
  • Management of common areas
  • Cleaning and maintenance of outdoor areas
  • Individual services

The reception desk staff and the operations team are supported by satellite teams, which take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the outdoor areas and the common areas. The desk is located in the hall, the central entrance area between the cafeteria, the guesthouse Pension and Rue Intérieure.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 15:00-19:00 (check-in for guests is possible from 16:00), Saturday and Sunday closed.